What are the governing state and federal laws regarding telephone call recording?

Two party notification states

Twelve states currently require that both or all parties consent to the recording, California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Washington.

One party notification states

All other states and the District of Columbia require one-party consent in line with federal law. There are certain exceptions to these rules.

What is considered legal notification of telephone call recording?

As defined by the FCC, accepted forms of notification for telephone recording by telephone companies are:

  • Verbal notification before the recording is made.
  • An audible beep tone repeated at regular intervals during the course of the call.
  • Prior verbal or written consent of all parties to the telephone conversation.

NB: “Notification” is acceptable, rather than consent.

How quickly can calls be replayed?

Calls be played within seconds of their completion.

What type of files are created for phone call recordings?

Files are saved as .wav files.

How much storage space does the .wav file take?

1.5 kb/second of recording time.

How long are calls stored?

This is up to customer discretion, except in the financial industry:

They may be archived to a back-up location of your choice, if you wish to keep them longer.

How are calls retrieved?

Standard query filters are available to search for recordings. Query criteria include: Date, Time, Call Length, Caller ID, and Call Direction.

Are there any other ways to store calls?

You may back up or move files to a secure server that you maintain.

Can I download and save my calls?

Yes, if you have Administrator privileges.

Can designated individuals access calls besides “Administrators”?

Yes. You control logins and passwords for customized access for compliance officers and other qualified individuals.

Is the system scalable?

Yes, as long as you add server and processing capacity.

Are there any hidden costs?


Does this system work in the cloud?

Yes, it installs with multiple cloud based phone systems.