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What if call recording were the key to unlocking business intelligence?

Cross Check offers high touch, high service call recording solutions. We partner with OrecX for open source recording that is intuitive, secure and easy to use. Do you want to stay in control? Use our best in class recording for your analytics platform, transcription services and quality management.

The most affordable call recording solution on the planet.



Highest value for your money. No long term contracts. Installs in minutes. The intelligence you need at your fingertips.

Our Solution

Our Solution

Simple, full duplex, high quality telephone recording, screen capture, analytics layer. Store in your environment or in the cloud. Integrates with AWS Connect.

Become a Client

Become a Client

It starts with a free trial. Evaluate and decide. Open source software puts you in control.


Data ownership – Mine your analytics


Secure Archives – Meet compliance requirements


Resolve Conflict – Improve communication


Insure Accuracy – Save time, save money

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